NSCLA Logo Sheet2The NSCLA was created to provide a cooperative platform of scholastic age club lacrosse teams to engage in an elite level, spirited competition. It is our vision that this cooperation and association will help assure the quality of lacrosse tournaments in the US and Canada, while maintaining the highest level of play for our athletes.

nscla web1The creation of a national tournament that allowed for; the mutual benefits in managing more effectively our respective members clubs through common association; the further establishment of leagues, and conferences through a national governing body of member clubs; the creation of a highly competitive by skill, balanced competition by grade, format that gives the athletes the best possible playing and recruiting experience, and to bring together several 501-c3 organizations and pool their intellectual resources and numbers in seeking additions funding avenues that will continue to help provide opportunity for several lacrosse athletes in North America.

To provide and North American elite club model that allows for support in levels of competitive team divisions based on skill, talent and grade within the membership of the NSCLA. To support college coach owned team tournaments, camps, and clinics that are quality operated. To support NSCLA member’s youth tournaments and other sanctioned events that helps foster player’s, parents, and coach’s friendships while providing a high quality experience and atmosphere for our lacrosse athletes.

The NSCLA National Cup is produced by Corrigan Sports Enterprises (CSE), www.CSElax.com